Who is George?

George Stanich has been training in Judo for fifty years with only a one year break.  He was promoted in 2002 to the rank of 6 Dan black belt and 7 Dan in 2016 . During his tenure in Judo, Sensei has trained all over the world including Russia, Japan, Germany, France, and Canada.  George competed at the regional, national, and international level, after his competitive career ended Stanich began to conduct seminars at the Olympic Training Center.  He has also conducted twelve different international camps with Sensei Burris.  George worked for over ten years with Sensei Nishioka filming for USA Judo, which included thirty four different Judo recording titles for the National Governing Body.  Sensei George has become well diversified by traveling the world with four Pan Am Teams and three Pacific Rim USA Judo at four Olympic Trials, while filming and setting up the venues for four different international training camps.  Mr. Stanich also filmed every match at various tournaments to allow Coach Liddie and Coach Steve Cohen to study the athletes that our players would be competing against, since this was the only version of Youtube of our time.

  George also has an extensive background in Strength and Conditioning (S&C) training in weight and conditioning at the Olympic Training Center, he is certified in Heart Rate Variable technology (HRV).  He is a certified Youth Athlete Assessment Specialist; He has certification in Kettlebell training , George trained over fifty pro Mixed Martial Arts fighters from around the world in S & C and Judo and UFC champions.  Japan’s leading Fighting magazine Fight & Life came to Matt Hughes gym to interview Matt and George which included a four page interview on Sensei Stanch alone.  George has trained six pro boxers with a combined record of thirty three and four in S & C, also countless national and international Judo players in S & C in Judo.

  George has performed eight coaches certifications for USA Judo across the country, along with many training camps as the clinician and served on various Judo committees locally and nationally for USA Judo.



  1. 7th Dan in Judo
  2. USA Judo
  3. USJA
  4. International Judo Federation
  5. Pan-American Judo Union
  6. Pace Certified
  7. CPR and First Aid Certified
  8. International Coach Certification
  9. HRV Training Certification
  10. Safe Sport Certification
  11. Kettlebell training Certification
  12. Special Olympic Athletic Trainer Certification in process
  13. Paralympic Athletic Trainer Certification in Process
  14. Attended every coach conference for Judo at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO which have accumulated ten years in total.
  15. Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist
  16. Heads up Concussion in Youth Sport

Athletes that Sensei George Stanich has coached.

  1. Six Medalist in National Championships
  2. Three Junior Pan Am which included one gold and two fifth place finishes.
  3. Five World Master Judo medalist with three silver and two bronze.
  4. Thirty Five Junior Olympic medalists with fifteen gold, eight silver, and twelve bronze.
  5. Four Judo competitors making the Olympic Trials with one placing third.
  6. Ten US Masters Judo gold medals.
  7. Thirteen US Masters Judo medals with four silver and nine bronze.
  8. Seventy plus medals in Junior Nationals and International level Judo including twenty seven gold, twenty silver, twenty three bronze.
  9. Six women ranked fifth and higher on the National roster.
  10. One currently ranked 121 on the IJF world list.
  11. One that was on and has fallen off due to injury.


Since starting USA Stars in Granite City, Illinois in the year 2000 the program has produced over three thousand wins, but what is more valuable to Sensei George than the numerous wins is that all of his students have graduated from High School with many of them going on to college.  Three of his various students have went on to be lawyers with one enrolled in law school, while the other two have made being a lawyer a career.  George has also had seven engineers with three having earned their Master’s degree.  He has also trained a student who went on to become a minister.  Aside from the degrees many of his students have grown up to become successful in business, their jobs, and amazing human beings. 

  A previous student of Sensei George’s has stated that he was a troubled student when he began high school. The components of Judo, Sensei George’s extremely difficult workouts, and his extensive attention to details has helped that gentleman become successful in life as a father, husband, college student, and higher level of management for over twenty five year with Winchester Olin.  Rob Martin gave a quote by saying Sensei’s favorite words of encouragement are, “If you can make it through my workouts every thing else will come easier.”

I George Stanich would like to personally thank my students for helping me do this Bio, Jeremy Johnson, Robert Martin, and Dr. Sherer.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my Sensei’s who without these great men this Bio could not have been possible.


Colonel Paul O Toole Retired United States Marine Corps

Thanks Paul for introducing me to the art of Judo, without you my life would have been void of this great experience.

Bob Whelan:  Deceased

Thanks Bob for telling me that I would be a better Judo player than wrestlers in Judo, because I can do what I like to do best, which is slam people!  Also thank you for giving us a Dojo at the Alton YMCA.

Sensei Jim Cogan

Thank you Sensei for coming to Alton YMCA and enduring my poor display of my Kata, without your patience and working with me, it is not possible that I could have made it through my Shodan test and again for my Nidan.  Lastly, thanks for always taking the time to answer my idiotic questions on the rules and regulations for competitions.

Sensei Michiyuki Sasa:  Shibaura Kogyo Daigaku

Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge of Judo on and off the mat.  I have recollected to your amazing stories about your Sensei Shari, the son in law of Mifune, and how great those times were for you to have those two great Sensei’s to work with on a daily basis.  Forty years have past and those stories still remain with me.

Sensei Bong Yul Shin

Thank you for pushing me so hard in practice, it has taught me how valuable conditioning is to be good at Judo, and that has stayed with me all of these years.

Sensei Takahiko Ishikawa:  Deceased

I could never say enough about this outstanding gentleman, ever since Paul introduced me to to Sensei Takahiko back in 1970.  He has always had a place for me to practice and workout at his Dojo, as well as being fortunate enough to work out with such a great Sensei.  The conversations that took place between us would consist of the game of Go to training in Judo.  My curiosity of about his weight training book lead to hundreds of questions, which intrigued me and I never dreamed it would become a full life on this particular subject.  One of the last things he said to me was that he thought I could contribute to the sport of Judo much better as a coach or Sensei than a Judo player.  Pass on the knowledge you are learning to future Juoka and never forget this, make it a life long journey.  I was devastated as young thirty year old man to hear these words but over time and maturity I realized my Sensei was right. 

Thank you Sensei.

Sensei Hayward Nishioka

Thank you for always introducing me to very important leaders in Judo around the world, Sensei Hayward over the years has opened my eyes and mind to all different aspects of Judo.  How you can watch videos and visualize them from a coaches, referees, players, and scouting perspective.  His competitive profile has worked for me as well therefore I keep a profile on all my players and the competition in their weight class.  Sensei Nishioka was at numerous coaches conferences at the Olympic Training Center and I am forever grateful and in his debt for explaining many different subjects that were new to me.  He is a major part of my club’s tremendous amount of success.

Sensei Patrick Burris

I have known Sensei Burris for numerous years, his love and passion for Judo inspires me every moment we communicate.  When he asked me if I wanted to begin a Judo club under USA Stars back in 2000 in Granite City, Illinois, I felt honored that he would ask me.  I was honored to have begun this journey in my life, yet little did I know how much Sensei Patrick would be teaching me.  He has exposed me to international players around the world, which has lead me to have built many friendships with these international players and continue to be friends with them to this very day.  I can truly say that without Sensei Patrick Burris this program would not be possible.

Thank you Sensei.

Lastly, I would like to thank my wife for letting me do the thing I love for fifty years.

Thank you Marlene. <3